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Absolute Write Water Cooler

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writing forum: active discussion and community for writers, covering all aspects of the craft and business of writing. At Absolute Write Water Cooler, you can find several conversation threads where people share their rejections stories, but here’s a link to one where some poor schlubs compete for who got rejected the fastest.

Can you beat 30 seconds? Aug 29,  · One of the website's users had objected to the inclusion of the Absolute Write Water Cooler (which, if you're not familiar with it, is an online writers' forum and community), pointing to a slew of blogs and websites with names like Absolute Wrong and Absolute Blight that purport to expose AW as a bully board populated by losers and.

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2) The forum I mentioned above, the Absolute Write Water Cooler is absolutely one of the best sources a writer can have when researching agents, agencies, publishers, and pretty much every aspect of the publishing industry.

It is free to join.

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