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Supplementary Materials

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Arts Supplement

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Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Film, Essay and Visual Arts supplements can be submitted through SlideRoom, an online platform that allows applicants to send digital materials to writing admissions office. The optional arts supplement is for students who have devoted a significant amount of time and energy to one or more art forms and who wish to have their work considered as part of their application.

If you've excelled in architecture, creative writing, dance, music, theater or visual arts, and. Applicants planning to submit academic work such as scientific research or creative writing samples should follow the instructions under Academic Work below. Supplementary Materials - Art If you wish to submit images of your artwork as a supplement to your application, you must do so online through SlideRoom by the.

Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Film, Music and Visual Arts supplements can be submitted through SlideRoom, an online platform that allows applicants to send digital materials to the admissions office.

The Creative Supplement is for prospective first-year and transfer students only. Submission Instructions. You can only submit your Creative Supplement after submitting your Common App to Chapman. For questions, please contact the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at ().

What may be lacking is an emphasis on the arts and creative writing as valuable assets to strengthening complex literacy and emotional and social development.

Since creative writing is not heavily present in the Common Core, schools may resort to additional programs to provide this outlet to students. Creative Writing Programs as .

Creative writing arts supplement common
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"Creative Writing Programs as Supplement to the Common Core Standards t" by Chelsi L. King