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Divergent (2014)

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 #4: Divergent Title: Divergent Author: Veronica Roth Text Type: Novel Personal Response: This story follows 16 year old Beatrice (Tris) who lives with her family is a dystopian version of Chicago. Society has been divided into five factions, each faction is meant to uphold a quality of humanity.

Divergent, by author Veronica Roth, is noted on the New York Bestseller list. It is the first book in the trilogy series of novels for young adults that further expands the look and feel of the dystopian genre in young adult fiction.

This is a list of major and minor characters in the Divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film adaptation, The Divergent Series. Apr 25,  · Divergent has 2, ratings andreviews.

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Divergent veronica roth response to
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A Dip in the OCEAN: Divergent Factions and the Big Five Personality Factors.