Homoeroticism or male intimacy

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Blurring the Lines of Military Masculinity

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As lesbian homoeroticism redefined itself through expressions of lust rather than earlier models of affectionate friendship, such homosocial spaces remained important for the ongoing exploration of lesbian desire safely removed from mainstream male surveillance. Our male mates are our "intimates" and, to allow someone to get this close to us, there needs to be some level of erotic attraction and that, my friends, is homoeroticism.

Professor Lynn Jamieson, the head of the school of sociology at the University of Edinburgh has defined intimacy as "close association, privileged knowledge, deep knowing and.

So what do you think is the future of male intimacy? What thoughts came to you as you looked at these photos? I know AoM has readers from all over the world, so fill us in on how men interact in your neck of the global woods. Homoeroticism or male intimacy? A case study of Joey and Chandler in Friends This text is an shorter version of my MA dissertation, submitted in October Homosociality is a term sometimes used in discussions of the all-male world of knightly life in medieval culture.

It is also used for historically largely male occupations such as being a sailor (for example, historian Marcus Rediker uses the term to. ii Abstract This dissertation discusses friendships between men in the Northern American television series Friends and focuses upon two of the male characters, Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing.

Friends shows six twenty-something men and women, sharing two flats in the middle of New York's Manhattan.

Homoeroticism or male intimacy
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