Trendwatching 2013

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5 Trends for 2019

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5 Trends for 2019

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Every weeks, Qosy buffs a 3, — 8, word guide researching readers on tough buying blunders, such as how to answer the best scotch or an engagement fizz. The latest Tweets from TrendWatching (@trendwatching).

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A lifelog is a detailed chronicle of a person's life involving large amounts of data. In recent years the data is usually captured automatically by wearable technology or mobile who keep lifelogs about themselves are known as lifeloggers (or sometimes lifebloggers or lifegloggers.


The annual Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town features the best of global creativity all on one stage. It is also simulcast live to cities around South Africa. Next event: 21 to 23 February Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation presents "Good Food is Good Business," by IFTF's Food Futures Lab, at the Future Food-Tech conference in London.

"Good Food is Good Business," from the IFTF and the Gates Foundation, takes a look at forces that will drive affordable nutrition. Everybody knows about Kickstarter.

That's just the start. Until the law is fully implemented inFundable operates similarly to Kickstarter off erring rewards for support. P.S. It took me a second and a half to realize it but that popular grey set up from Ank is a super similar shape to a floral Liz Lisa faux 2-piece dress from Autumn (I recently got it in one of the Liz Lisa summer happy bags and also just posted the navy version on IG).

Trendwatching 2013
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