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WP Retina 2x

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It is now the bad method. WP Retina 2x Plugin. WP Retina 2x plugin attempts to detect the device used to access a webpage and if the device is Retina display capable then it serves a higher resolution version of images on your website.

Written by Jordy Meow, WP Retina 2x provides a dashboard to manage Retina Images for your website. If you have the latest version of WP Retina 2x, it already adds the retina images directly in the src-set created by WordPress.

I recommend you to have a new look at the settings of WP Retina 2x. Thanks to WordPressyou optimize the retina process and make the whole solution really neat. WP has support for Responsive Images and this plugin handles this nicely by adding the retina images in the src-set created by WordPress.

The HTML for the images not handled by WP (outside posts) will also be handled by the plugin (pick “Picturefill” method for this). video-accident.com Plugin Mirror.

Contribute to wp-plugins/wp-retina-2x development by creating an account on GitHub. The HTML loads the normal images, then if a retina device is detected, the retina images will be loaded. It is fail-safe but not efficient (images are loaded twice). IMG Rewrite: The IMG Rewrite method rewrites IMG’s SRC tags on-the-fly with the retina images directly if the device supports them.

How to Configure the WP Retina 2x Advanced Settings Jul 12, Images, Plugins No comment In this guide to WP Retina 2x, we will show you how to configure the Advanced Settings, including picture replacement technique, image quality, and more.

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